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What Customers Are Saying

Acme Industries

Acme Industries letter

What I have to say about your software is simple and to the point -- a lot like the software itself.

Our company runs forty machines and GeoPath is the only CAM system we use. Read More >

Bernhard Kroeger letter

Bernhard Kroeger letter

Customers never hesitate to call or write about problems, so I want to take the time to both thank you for, and compliment you on your GeoPath software.

Read More >

Boeing letter

Boeing letter

I just wanted to extend my heartfelt appreciation for a job well done, supplying the Experimental Operations at Boeing Rocketdyne, a superior CAM system.

Read More >

CET letter

CET letter

We have had GeoPath in our school for about 6 months now and we recently started having students that completed our machining training course use the software and they are doing well with it. Read More >

Falmer letter

Falmer letter

I've been using GeoPath since 1998 and since then it's met all of my needs. Every time I want it to do something, it does it! There is no area where this product does not fit my needs. I'm still really impressed with it. Read More >

Flowserve letter

Flowserve letter

Before I had the software from SolutionWare, I was using 3 different software packages for different machines that I had in my shop. Now, I use the GeoPath and MazaCAM software package and everything that I need and use is consolidated into one software package. Read More >

Modern Applications News Article

MAN Article

CAD/CAM Software Turns on Teen Programmer to Bright Future

Read More >

NTMA Letter

NTMA letter

Here at the NTMA Training Center we have a variety of CAM programs to choose from in the training of our students who are beginning a career in machining. We choose Geopath for several reasons: Read More >

Star Tool Eng. Inc. letter

Star Tool Eng. Inc. letter

I wanted to let you know about the success we have had with GeoPath. On our floor we have an array of different machines, and when it comes to our CNC's we have machines that use G-code language and Mazatrol (Mazak conversational) language. Read More >

ST&E Corporation Letter

ST&E Corporation letter

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your CAD/CAM software.

Read More >

Technico Machining Corp. Letter Technico Machining Corp.

We originally purchased GeoPath back in 1988. Before we had the GeoPath Software, we were spending a lot of time writing out our programs by hand. Our machines would be down for a day to 1 1/2 days while we wrote out the programs.

Read More >

Phil Wood & Company

GeoPath has reduced the time it takes by days. What used to take us 3 days to do now only takes an afternoon.

Read More >

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