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Technico, Inc.
2595 Fairforest Clevedale Rd.
Spartanburg, SC 29301

We originally purchased GeoPath back in 1988. Before we had the GeoPath Software, we were spending a lot of time writing out our programs by hand. Our machines would be down for a day to 1 1/2 days while we wrote out the programs.

Now with the software, it's a lot quicker and it's user friendly. The GeoPath software is great because you can just give it to someone who doesn't have knowledge of G-code and they can still make parts.

Now we can use the time while the machine is running. Programming that used to take 3-4 hours, now takes 5 minutes. We had some parts that took 1-2 weeks to program and now they take about an hour.

The GeoPath software has saved us time and money on programming and set-up time. We don't have to charge our customers for hours of programming time. This has made us more competitive in our overall pricing. It sums up to: without GeoPath we wouldn't be where we're at today.

Brian Barnett

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