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MazaCAM GeoPath PowerCAM

Introduction to GeoPath CAD/CAM System

GeoPath® is a fully integrated CAD/CAM system developed with the real machinist in mind. It is easy to learn and easy to use, affordable and a complete tool for all your CNC machines. GeoPath was developed by SolutionWare Corp. which has been providing CAD/CAM solutions to machine shops and plants for over 35 years. Welcome to our web site, it provides information for both those interested in purchasing GeoPath and the shops already using GeoPath.

What Our Clients Have to Say About GeoPath

"It’s made a big difference. We can program on the PC now. Saves a lot of time. We’re not tying up the machines. Saves about 30% on programming time. This makes more of a difference when we're busy. We have 14 Mazak lathes. I did 5 million on the lathes last year. 30% of 5 million, that's a lot."

Mark Cooper


"There's no way we could do what we’re doing now without it. We used to trig everything out, it took forever. We wouldn't be in business in without it. It used to take 3 or 4 days or a week to make a program, the software has it done in like 30 minutes, and that's if you're not Joe Swift, just going through it like normal."

Mitch Carey

Precision Boring

"I have tried to use other software. I had very little CAD/CAM experience, and found after a week at another company's school, I was more confused than when I went in. GeoPath on the other hand is simple to use I didn't have to go to school to get up and running. I was cutting parts before I had any training."

Brad Sternbergh

The Johnson Corporation

"GeoPath has enabled us to program our machine tools quickly and efficiently, both of which are a necessity in our fast moving business. Hats off to SolutionWare for providing a productivity tool that allows us to program our machine tools as rapidly as possible."

Ronald J. Hill

Operations Manager

True Tech

"I wanted to thank you for all the support you guys have given me over the years. I have been using GeoPath for many years and have always had great success with it. I have tried other systems. They all do the job, but none are as easy to use and learn as GeoPath."

Dan Abbott

General Manager

RK Manufacturing, Inc.

"The program is very well designed. It is user friendly and has increased our capability to do more complex machining. I also want to commend the excellent technical support. They respond to all of our questions quickly and expertly. Thank you for your extraordinary service."

John M. Lynn


LG Machine, Inc

Call us for a demonstration at 408-249-1529 or toll-free 888-3CAD-CAM from the USA

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