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GeoPath PowerCAM SolidWorksPowerCAM Auto Programming

SolidWorks PowerCAMTwo of the biggest stumbling blocks in a CNC shop are learning how to use a CNC programming system and CNC downtime, so SolutionWare developed the PowerCAM Auto Programming Module. This module unburdens you from having to know a lot about programming, and relieves you of time consuming operations, as it writes substantial parts of the program itself. It also saves time on repetitive cuts.

From the solid-model, PowerCAM will automatically program your part directly and then present the result in a user-interface where you may review and tweak your tools and cuts. PowerCAM will output pocketing, drilling, tapping, contouring, etc., in Mazatrol (Watch a Video on outputing Mazatrol.) or G-code to just about any milling machine. Read More >

Some of the specifications:

Direct import .SLDPRT, .STEP, .IGES, etc.

Output G-code and Mazatrol for your machines.

Full CAD/CAM system.

Works Within SolidWorks® SolidWorks Logo

Programs Feature Data

Built-in tool library and technology: PowerCAM automatically enters speed and feed data for a variety of tools and materials. Saves you time and effort.

System requirements:

Operating Systems:

Windows® XP, Vista or 7.

Network Capabilities:

Network capabilities for Windows® XP, Vista or 7.


Pentium, mouse or compatible pointing device. A certified graphics card and driver as recommended by SolidWorks®. Read More > Printer (parallel) port. Serial port to communicate with NC machines (not the mouse port).


1GB free space on hard-drive and 4GB of Ram.

Hard-disk space:

At least 100MB of disk space, not including Windows® and Windows® swap-file.

For a complete list of specifications and prices please call our sales department at (408) 249-1529 or toll-free at 1 (888) 3CAD-CAM (1-888-322-3226) in the USA. Our office hours are from Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST, you can also fill out our electronic form and we will send you information.

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